Master Santos Rivas


Mr Santos Rivas hails from the tiny Central American country of El Salvador but spent his formative youth as a student in Boston, USA. In 1994, he began his Taekwondo training at the J H Kim Taekwondo Institute, never expecting that the teachings he received from Grandmaster Kim would so fundamentally and completely change his life.

Mr Rivas proved to be a talented and dedicated student, spending any free time when he was not working days and studying nights, training at the Taekwondo school. Within a few years, he earned his 1st dan black belt under

Master Santos Rivas Principal

  • Kukkiwon Certified 5th Dan Black Belt Master Instructor
  • Founder of JH Kim Taekwondo Asia Pacific Network
  • Singapore Taekwondo Federation and Singapore Sports Council NCAP certification
  • Experienced sparring champion
    • Numerous US national and state level tournament wins
    • US Cup, Massachusetts/New York state championships
  • Singapore National Coach certified
  • Singapore National Poomsae Coach certified
  • Singapore Federation Self-Defense certified

Master Santos was born in a tough neighborhood in El Salvador. While a student in Boston some years later, he began his taekwondo training under Grandmaster Kim, quickly earning his 1 st dan black belt, teaching at the school, while also winning many US national and state sparring competitions.

In 2003, he brought the JH Kim Taekwondo System to the Asia-Pacific region, opening schools in Singapore and Malaysia. More recently Master Santos has expanded the JH Kim Asia Pacific network to include branches in the Philippines, Makassar, and our branch here in Bali. Through his ongoing work teaching in the network of schools under his management and supervision, he continues to fulfill his personal commitment of providing students the best taekwondo instruction available anywhere.

Why train with JH Kim Taekwondo Bali ?

  • Unlike other schools we teach both modern Olympic style AND traditional Taekwondo
  • Highly trained, certified, dedicated and competition champion instructors – foreign and Indonesian
  • Membership in a World Wide school network, train internationally
  • Highly structured syllabus for each belt level – classes are carefully planned
  • Become just the 3rd generation from Taekwondo’s original founders
  • Clean, modern and well equipped training facility
  • School and training rooms air conditioned!
  • Centrally located

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