About Us

In 2003 Master Santos Rivas opened his first JH Kim Taekwondo school in Singapore, having been groomed as Grandmaster Jae Hun Kim’s protégé from his childhood. Grandmaster Kim opened his Boston school in 1974 and was also mentored at a young age, in fact – by the founder of modern day taekwondo himself, General Choi Hong Hi.

Our rich heritage of technique, personally handed down from General Choi to Grandmaster Kim then to Master Rivas, has been developed over decades by the most important, influential and celebrated masters of our art. Joining JH Kim Taekwondo Bali ensures you receive the absolute best Taekwondo instruction available anywhere in the world, but you also become part of a tradition and family only 3 generations from the founding fathers of Taekwondo.

Our schools and staff are dedicated to teaching taekwondo in a safe and professional environment. With the best team of instructors personally groomed by Master Santos himself, we are committed to continue being the leader in martial arts education. Our system is:


A Complete System

Our system includes a full program of study in modern Olympic sport taekwondo AND traditional taekwondo, teaching kicks, punches and blocks. Unlike other schools, ours is a complete system including grappling, locks, throws, full range techniques, etc. While students are free to specialize in specific areas they may find interesting, our school provides the most comprehensive instruction on all aspects of Taekwondo found anywhere world-wide.

Analytic Approach

All instruction must be based on solid physical principles, and students must have a complete understanding of the techniques but also why each one is done a particular way. JH Kim Taekwondo students are encouraged to have in depth technical discussions with instructors and other students to develop a much deeper understanding of our techniques.

Non Political

We are dedicated martial artists, solely focused on teaching and practicing taekwondo – no time in our schools for involvement in politics.

Through the practice of Taekwondo our members become the absolute best they can be, improving both mind and body, conducting themselves ethically at all times with a sense of unity among all school members.



We have both Indonesian and foreign instructors, and we can teach classes in Indonesian or English. All of our instructors are experienced martial artists with backgrounds ranging from international and regional competition champions to ex-national team members, each also has years of experience training students in Taekwondo. Every instructor is required to participate in regular intensive training personally from the principal of our school, Master Santos Rivas, and must be individually certified by him before they are allowed to train our students.


Become a Member

To become a member at JH Kim Taekwondo Bali is easy! Simply make an appointment with our friendly staff members by calling our office or sending us a message.

When you arrive at the school for your appointment, we will explain the schedule, procedures, program cost, and register you with JH Kim Taekwondo world-wide. We also recommend new students take a trial lesson during their first visit.

Why train with JH Kim Taekwondo Bali ?

  • Unlike other schools we teach both modern Olympic style AND traditional Taekwondo
  • Highly trained, certified, dedicated and competition champion instructors – foreign and Indonesian
  • Membership in a World Wide school network, train internationally
  • Highly structured syllabus for each belt level – classes are carefully planned
  • Become just the 3rd generation from Taekwondo’s original founders
  • Clean, modern and well equipped training facility
  • School and training rooms air conditioned!
  • Centrally located

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